KITT-018 Boyracer
"Insults & Insights" CDEP  
 8-tracks in under 24 minutes, this specially packaged EP is one of Boyracer's finest releases to date. If you haven't already familiarized yourself with this Flagstaff via Leeds England noisepop trio then let this be your introduction. They've spent the last decade releasing dozens of records on more labels than you can count with two hands. Includes a cover of Girl At Our Best's hit U.K. single "Fast Boyfriends."   (more)
KITT-020 various artists
"Homemade Hits, Vol.1" CD
 a collection of home recordings (nearly all exclusive) featuring Layton, Going Stagg, The National Splits, New Bethel, Ariel Pink's Hauntred Graffiti, Luke Top, Honeybunch, Lunchbox, Tugboat Fantastic, + many more!! "the bands here are fantastic, showing off kittridge's ability to find obscure, talented and interesting groups the globe over" "passes by like a particularly enjoyable hour of your favorite college radio station, without the incoherent dj... a very strong collection of songs"   (more)
KITT-019 New Estate
"Considering..." CD  
 New Estate are the brave front line of Melbourne rock/pop music. Three vocalists, three songwriters, a singing drummer who's never heard of the Eagles and a sound like no other. Mia Schoen, Larry G and Marc Regueiro-McKelvie are the real deal and their debut CD demonstrates this with consumate ease. "they possess the kind of effortless placelessness that the best bands manage so effortlessly" --alistair fitchett, "ten superb tracks of intelligently crafted, slightly fuzzy and energetic indie-rock." --Nick Coppack, Time Off Magazine  (more)
KITT-021 various artists
"Homemade Hits, Vol.2" CD
 This follow up collection of home-recorded songs from Kittridge features exclusive tracks by artists like Golden Gram, Boyracer, Warbler, Moon Socket, The Hit Machine, Seadiver, Papercuts, Forest Giants, Tara S'Appart, Scrabbel, Busytoby, Tigre Benvie, Benett, Rocketship, Ben, Pete & Steve, The Poison Control Center, Gang Wizard, Thunder! Thunder! Thunder!, Captain Ahab, The State of Samuel, Bedroom Walls, Chika Chika, Bearhand, Sleepy Township, Crabapples, and Kangmin Shin!!!   (more)