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track listing:
1. new start click to listen
2. after it's all over click to listen
3. on the bay click to listen
4. defences down click to listen
5. letter click to listen
6. notes from the new empire click to listen
7. wasting time click to listen

New Estate self-titled CDEP
release date: 6/7/05  hand numbered and limited to 100 copies

The second release from the most exceptional Melbourne group of the new millennium. A kind of taster for the (as-yet unrecorded) second album, some of these songs will be re-recorded for it, some will never again be heard. A home recording with depth and spirit. This EP was recorded live onto a Tascam casette 4-track by New Estate during October and November 2004, with additional overdubbing and mixing finished in January 2005.