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track listing:
  1. golden gram "on the road (put me)" click to listen
  2. seadiver "aprés le deluge, nous" click to listen
  3. warbler "untitled" click to listen
  4. thunder! thunder! thunder! "bossa nostra: the sound of leisure" click to listen
  5. boyracer "wholly generic" click to listen
  6. the state of samuel "square roots" click to listen
  7. bedroom walls "kathy in her bedroom" click to listen
  8. chika chika "ten feet tall" click to listen
  9. moon socket "never knew the secret" click to listen
  10. the hit machine "let's just not be friends" click to listen
  11. papercuts "shy" click to listen
  12. a boy named thor "paper thin girl" click to listen
  13. sleepy township "salt sachet" click to listen
  14. forest giants "holiday song" click to listen
  15. tara s'appart "october daze" click to listen
  16. bearhand "ATPfolk" click to listen
  17. scrabbel "melody for melanie" click to listen
  18. the crabapples "right/wrong" click to listen
  19. busytoby "my russian olive" click to listen
  20. tigre benvie "raccoons on the roof at night remind me of my own mortality" click to listen
  21. benett "short stories of stardom" click to listen
  22. captain ahab "under the influence (remix)" click to listen
  23. rocketship "rocketship's got something" click to listen
  24. kangmin shin "i don't know" click to listen
  25. ben, pete, & steve "it felt soft (now it's gone)" click to listen
  26. the poison control center "ramona" click to listen
  27. gang wizard "burger under your face" click to listen

various artists
"Homemade Hits, Vol.2" cd compilation
  release date: 3/15/05
official website + liner notes: http://homemadehits.kittnet.com

This follow up collection of home-recorded songs from Kittridge features exclusive tracks by artists like Golden Gram (of Rogue Wave), Boyracer, Warbler (members of Lil Pocketknife and xbxrx), Moon Socket (ex-Eric's Trip), The Hit Machine, Seadiver (ex-Lunchbox), Papercuts, Forest Giants (ex-Beatnik Filmstars), Tara S'Appart (Tara of Elevator to Hell), Scrabbel, Busytoby (Joe and Amanda from Wolfie, The Like Young), Tigre Benvie (ex-Thrush Hermit, The Dears), Benett, Rocketship, Ben, Pete & Steve (ex-Persons), The Poison Control Center, Gang Wizard, and many more!!!

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"featuring home recorded material from several talented acts, "homemade hits, vol.2" is a treat for any indie-rock fan. ranging from dreamy vocals to female angst-ridden chants to folk-style singing, a variety of rock subgenres are representing on this compilation. acoustic guitar and keyboards are also prominent in several tracks. something that is striking about this disc is its clarity. the sound quality of virtually every song is superb, considering they were all home recorded. standout tracks are the dynamic opener, "on the road" by golden gram and the '80s-influenced "kathy in her bedroom" by bedroom walls."
-anthony, skratchmagazine.com

"that enchanting clerk working at the record shop down the street likes you. because she's a bit shy, she makes you a mixtape to strike up conversation on your return visit. at home that afternoon, you fall hard for her rich taste in great bands you've never heard before. a week passes, and you find yourself listening to the tape all the time, day and night. of course this girl is imaginary, but these are the things you think of when listening to homemade hits vol. 2"
- paul, 75orless.com

"volume 2 in what we can only hope is an on-going series of exclusive "homemade" recordings gives us 27 uniformly excellent tracks from 27 different artists from all over the globe, including boyracer (originally from leeds, england, but now based in flagstaff, arizona), sleepy township (australia) and tigre benvie (aka rob benvie, from canada), as well as all points US-wards. what you get is a sweeping overview of the wide spectrum of music straight-jacketed into the misleadingly restrictive genre labeled "indie". the music here certainly goes a long way to ripping those restrictions wide open, as it varies from relatively straightahead rock (boyracer) to plaintive pop (golden gram), taking in a slice of electronica (captain ahab) and dropping in some weird experimentation (gang wizard) to spice up the proceedings somewhat. all in all, a very satisfying and highly enjoyable collection that definitely gives "indie" a good name and belies its homemade nature with the quality of the work on offer."
- ray boreham, clamor magazine

"from lo-fi imprint kittridge comes this lovely collection of pop and electronic gems from an assortment of obscure and somewhat known DIY acts. among the notable familiars are boyracer, the poison control center, and gang eizard, while the majority of the disc's 27 tracks are filled out by lesser-knowns. impressively, most of the comp is comprised of successful tunes, mostly pop but some experimental and electronic material as well. the listening varies from high-calibre rock (golden Gram, tigre benvie) to very understated folk-pop (papercuts, tara s'appart) captain ahab and rocketship bring up the homemade experimental electronic end of things. personal favourites include scrabbel's instantly infectious "melody for melanie," thunder! thunder! thunder!'s strangely epic "bossa nostra: the sound of leisure," and boyracer's predictably infectious "wholly generic." the strange, robot-gone-awry vein of gang wizard's experimental finale is also worthy of note. overall, homemade hits vol. 2 offers a valuable overview of kittridge's roster and the modern lo-fi scene. like the kill rock stars comps that defined a generation of avid hometapers and musical innovators, kittridge's series is already making a name for itself. don't miss out."
- matt shimmer, indieville.com

"it might be a shock to some listeners to know that bedroom recording artists who are actually – gasp - happy do exist, and in far more frequent numbers than possibly thought. and on their second installment of the homemade hits series, kittridge records has compiled some of the more fun, lighthearted material to be created by home-recording artists without the help of glossy studio production. this anthology is quite successful in assembling some of the poppiest independent music by a whopping 27 artists, all of whom contributed exclusive tracks just for the label’s sampler. while the tracks vary slightly, in terms of style and subject matter, there is a cohesive lo-fi and, well, as the title suggests, a homemade charm. there is something almost quaint about the organic production of such an upbeat and pleasantly surprising album. among the highlights are the retro synth-pop of bedrooms wall’s “kathy in her bedroom” and state of samuel’s bouncy acoustic number “square roots,” and the poison control center’s exuberant “ramona.”"
- jessica gentile, delusions of adequacy

"hooray, it's another installment of kittridge's awesome homemade hits compilations! not only will it introduce you to some great new acts, it lets you catch up with new bands, side projects, and solo recordings from some of your favorite underground pop fixtures from the '90s. the first almost-half of this disc is solid awesomeness. it's led off with some experimental stuff from golden gram (side project of gram from rogue wave, ex-schrasj), and then really kicks into high gear with the next track, from seadiver (f.k.a. lunchbox), which is flat-out awesome, sounding like an american version of monograph (one of my fave bands of the late '90s). next there's some bratty le tigre-style post-riot-grrrl pop from warbler, a sound which is revisited later in the disc by chika chika. thunder! thunder! thunder! sound like something you'd have heard on the merge label in the mid-to-late '90s. (and when are they going on tour with !!!, the yeah yeah yeahs, hot hot heat, etc.?) vets boyracer show they've still got it with their absolutely ripping track "wholly generic". sweden's the state of samuel occupy the middle ground between tullycraft and apples in stereo. substance-worshippers bedroom walls will take you straight back to the '80s. chris thompson of eric's trip emerges from under the blankets with a new and excellent moon socket track. the hit machine bring some dense and gorgeous vocal harmonies to their casio-driven pop, and the harmonies continue with papercuts and their pretty pretty track. lo-fi fixture a boy named thor gets keyboard-happy. .... chock full of excellent pop goodness with some real rock-solid gems, includes a wide variety of sounds, and introduced me to tons of great new stuff. And once again it features snazzy cover art from susie of boygirlparty. hooray!"
- mike, copacetic zine

"a couple of years ago, tiny little kittridge records released a rather excellent collection of lo-fi bands called homemade hits. the only requirement for the artists involved was that their selection had to be recorded at home. suffice to say, it was jam-packed with all kinds of artists making everything from noise to twee pop to hip-hop to electronica to new wave to stuff that just has no proper name. for a record containing two dozen artists you've never heard of, it was a very strong collection. it's no surprise, then, that kittridge decided to release a sequel, and it's no surprise that the sequel is equally as good as volume 2. overall, the theme is the same, and the genre-switching is the same, though there's not quite as much hip-hop this time around, and once again, there are a lot of side projects going on here, too. (we won't mention who, because discovering who these bands are...well, that's part of the joy of this collection.) with twenty-eight tracks, there's simply no way to possibly cover the entire record, but there are a few high points. okay, i take that back, there are twenty-eight high points, but I'll just give you the top five, so that you'll have the incentive to actually check this record out. 1. a boy named thor's "paper thin girl." a boy named jason corace has always made music that's fascinating and enjoyable, and this cute li'l casio new-wave number will make you smile. 2. scrabbel's cute, heartfelt ukelele and bass-clarinet driven "melody for melanie" makes us wish we were melanie or that we knew a single girl named melanie, because this song is just so adorable and sweet. 3. boyracer's "wholly generic" is clearly one of stewart anderson's best songs, period. 4. the ever-elusive rocketship's "rocketship's got something" is a great blend of shoegaze and electronica and dance beats and it will make you wish they would do something more substantial. 5. "let's just not be friends" by the hit machine is a great little song that's about things not working out, and i'm a believer in negative songs like that, especially negative songs that sound so positive and sunny and upbeat. but i gotta be honest about something...i feel like i've just neglected the twenty-three other artists, and that says a lot about the qualtiy of homemade hits Volume 2. just go get it and enjoy two baker's dozen plus two of some of today's best lo-fi bands, okay?"
- joseph kyle, mundanesounds.com

"perhaps i'm easy to please but i truly enjoyed all 28 of these home-recorded songs. the styles range from pop to experimental to experimental pop. golden gram, featuring gram lebron of rogue wave starts things out with a beautifully melancholic track... a lot of these songs are seriously catchy like "apres le deluge, nous" by seadiver and "shy" by papercuts with its glistering fender rhodes and lazy vocals. other highlights include the warped sounds of gang wizard, the campy jazz of scrabbel, the fast rockin' tune by boyracer, and so much more reminding us that we can all write and record great music in our own bedrooms"
--punk planet

"this is, hands down, the coolest compilation i've reviewed in quite some time. are you an indie rock snob, scoffing at all but the most elite, underground artists? then shove this album straight up your ass! don't worry, it's made out of mostly recyclable material, and FILLED with indie goodness. redlining at an hour and eleven minutes, you've got 27 tracks from some artists you'll immediately recognize (chika chika, captain ahab) and plenty you won't, but that doesn't mean they're some shitty unsigned act out of kansas. to the contrary, plenty of the bands on this album are composed by the outstanding citizens in the music community. like who? gram lebron (rogue wave), warbler (members of lil pocketknife), moon socket (chris thompson of eric's trip) among others. expand your mind and pick this up."
--paul richter, modern fix

"all in all this is a pretty awesome comp and kittridge records has an excellent roster on their hands, props"
--bickerstaff, fran magazine