track listing:
  1. layton "tu le jours"  click to listen
  2. rose for bohdan and lil pocketknife "pig i'm"  click to listen
  3. persons "bernerter" click to listen
  4. the national splits "slowboat" click to listen
  5. going stagg "breathe"  click to listen
  6. pumpkin picasso "robot and my friend" click to listen
  7. new bethel "telepathy" click to listen
  8. the summer in between "micah's red shirt"  click to listen
  9. ariel pink's haunted graffiti "want me" click to listen
  10. luke top "take it easy"  click to listen
  11. honeybunch "all that's left of me is you" click to listen
  12. the pragmatics "velcro" click to listen
  13. troy taroy "crystalline emotion" click to listen
  14. boothby "diamond ring" click to listen
  15. the units "oh, to love phoenix is bliss" click to listen
  16. holy shit "new colors" click to listen
  17. snoozer "me more" click to listen
  18. vergel tears "out with your happy on"  click to listen
  19. honeymoon diary "drive" click to listen
  20. the awesomes "teamwork hi-5 awesome" click to listen
  21. lunchbox "fernruf" click to listen
  22. katie the pest "what color are you?" click to listen
  23. le pepes "pu you stink" click to listen
  24. the mosquitoes "teenage frustration" click to listen
  25. dewey decimator "late night booty call" click to listen
  26. tugboat fantastic! "laughter and forgetting" click to listen

various artists
"Homemade Hits, Vol.1" cd compilation
  released January 2004
official website + liner notes: http://homemadehits.kittnet.com

This collection of home-recorded songs from indiepop label Kittridge is so full-to-bursting of good bands (26 of them!) that perhaps it's just better to reel off some of the highlights on this delightfully quirky compilation that recalls the twee days of C-86. There are tracks from Dewey Decimator (a.k.a. Todd Drootin of Books on Tape), Tugboat Fantastic! (featuring ex-members of the Rapture and Gogogo Airheart), the National Splits (Mike Downey from Wolfie and the New Constitution), Boothby (featuring members of Figurine and A Boy Named Thor), Lunchbox (legends of the Bay Area indiepop scene and veterans of the SF Noise Pop festival), Holy Shit (ex-Push Kings) and 20 other fantastic bands just waiting to be discovered. —Fanatic Promotion

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"there’s an awful lot to like on this 26-song compilation from kittridge. in 70+ minutes of home recordings by a gaggle of unknown bands, there are numerous examples of fine songwriting and plenty of interesting sounds put to tape by these housebound auteurs. with styles ranging from electro dance-pop to ragtag tuning-averse scree, to straight up indie pop, "homemade hits vol. 1" passes by like a particularly enjoyable hour of your favorite college radio station, without the incoherent dj... a very strong collection of songs, largely unreleased and presumably rougher than the primary recordings of these bands, "homemade hits vol. 1 is like a river that branches into 26 little tributaries. it does what a good compilation should: point in a lot of new directions to lure the curious explorer."
- chuck, adequacy.net

"the homemade hits soon-to-be series proves that the DIY ethic is still breathing, growing and very much alive in all genres. this collection of new tracks is do-it-yourself homemade basement experimental music at its finest. the majority of the acts on here have discovered their own unique blend of indie electro pop, with the occasional fully instrument-armed sing-along pop or rock group. coming across with a very professional sound and feel to it, the collection glides from one track to the next extremely effortlessly and smoothly. kittridge seems to have spent time on the actual bone structure of the tracks. ...this is definitely a strong album kittridge has constructed for us."
- chaz, left off the dial

"the bands here are fantastic, showing off kittridge's ability to find obscure, talented and interesting groups the globe over. the natural splits sound like your new favorite paul westerberg clone with "slowbeat." droning, hook laden pop never gets old and "breathe" by going stagg is evidence of that. one of the most haunting lo-fi pop sounds out there undoubtedly belongs to ariel pink's haunted graffiti's song "want me" and troy taroy evokes "heroes" era bowie on "crystalline emotion." there are over twenty songs, and with them, twenty distinct sounds. if these aren't your taste then perhaps something more german late 1970's techno would be? it's there."
- erick mertz, cosmik debris

"kittridge records' homemade hits returns to the days of the harriet label — and, ultimately, sarah — by offering 26 purely home-recorded gems of the indie pop variety. rose for bodhan and lil pocketknife team up for the squelchy, somehow funky keyboard workout "pig i'm," while pumpkin picasso's "robot and my friend" is like a time capsule from 1994, when types like archers of loaf and butterglory were doing their thing. pragmatics' "velcro" is cool, lo-fi synth pop, while vergel tears get the best line of the comp with "out with your happy on," as in "nice to see you...." homemade hits is pretty strong throughout, and great one-stop shopping for anyone hungry for new music."
- johnny loftus, all music guide

"despite the low budget recordings, many of the songs sound quite good ... with 26 songs in over 73 minutes, there's plenty for everybody here, from the pure indiepop of going stagg, honeybunch and snoozer to the noisier stuff from new bethel and persons to the electropop of the pragmatics and boothby to the complete lo-fi pop of pumpkin picasso and luke top (ex-cave ins)... an excellent (and filling) collection, indeed!"
- chris, indiepages.com

"there are so many fantastic songs on here, i don't even know where to start! highlights for me include some of the following: "slowboat" by the national splits: this is the solo-project of former wolfie/mathlete/the new constitution mike downey. it's awesome: very folky acoustic indie rock, remininding me a lot of portastatic. "want me" by ariel pink's haunted graffiti this song is such an incredible stand-out on this comp: it has the cool moody kinda fuzzy feel of something out of the 1960's. its strong retro feel reminds me of the lilys. "all that's left of me is you" by honeybunch yes, it's that honeybunch, the indiepop veterans from the early 90's who you've heard on slumberland, bus stop, spinart and k records! their triumphant return delivers a sweet romantic song that's sure to be mainstay on valentine's day mixtapes everywhere. ... really, i could go on and on! there are so many great artists on this comp... the cd artwork is awesome, thanks to susie of boygirlparty.com! ... and you get 26 awesome songs for the low, low price of ten measly dollars. you just can't lose!"

"super-sweet pop music. kinda naive, but really not that naive... sometimes very 80's electro-pop sounding with ultra-cheesy drum machines. sometimes simple guitar music, sometimes more experimental. sometimes painful, sometimes happy. sometimes both, just like real life... i enjoyed it. riyl - its various artists, so it depends on the band.... but i was reminded variously of the vaselines, dressy bessy, apples in stereo, (and the more sweet side of the whole elephant 6 deal), the magnetic fields, etc."
- dan, wcur fm

"the type of indie pop compilation that can plant a smile on almost anyone's face... there is just such a lovely atmosphere - and so many lusciously infectious melodies - that you can't help but dig the music. on this disc you get twenty-six offerings by a wide range of indie pop, indie rock, and lo-fi acts. many you won't have heard of, but if you're a fan of the genres, there will definitely be stuff here that you'll find appealing... it is - for the most part - a very satisfying release. who doesn't love comps like this?"
- matt, indieville.com

"varied styles of pop songs – 26 of them! the marketing blurb compares the variety to the heyday of cassette mix tapes but I would argue that the sounds themselves are also quite throwback-ish, being very reminiscent of various new wave styles. "
- gabe, kzsu fm

"an awesome collection of indiepop, indie rock, new wave and just downright weird music, and i love every minute of it! ...these memories of lo-fi pop, bedroom rock and 4-track genius are all over homemade hits, v.1. while the lo-fi aesthetic is the common bond, you shouldn't expect all of these bands to sound the same. indeed, you'll find tons of musical styles, which makes for interesting listening... with the "v.1" portion of the title, i'm probably safe in assuming that more collections like this will be coming our way? i hope so! this is one fun little collection. enjoy!"
-joseph kyle , mundane sounds

"among the 26 bands on this cd, there are hardly any misses"
-martijn, think small