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track listing:
1. postcard click to listen
2. alinear  click to listen
3. scattering click to listen
4. melter twine click to listen
5. dipod click to listen
6. some sort of corporate attack  click to listen
7. us vs. mascis  click to listen
8. pregnant angel click to listen
9. run the lights  click to listen
10. jimmy click to listen
11. monkey hanger click to listen
12. lemonade click to listen

"Lines Are Drawn Only By The Eye" cd
released October 2003, a co-release with Morgan Leah Records.

A collection of early recordings (including several singles) by Newcastle Upon Tyne, England's Spraydog. This album is a perfect introduction to Spraydog's fuzzed-out brand of razor-sharp hooks. Featuring the hit songs "Lemonade" and "Run The Lights". This is a co-release with Morgan Leah Records of Seattle, WA.


"spraydog are one of those obscure uk bands that john peel loves. in other words, they're great! they have a kinda frenetic fuzzed-out indierock sound, sorta reminding me of kenickie. and, lo and behold, kenickie's johnny x produced one of their singles, and lauren and marie sang on two of their tracks! well, whaddaya know? the band formed in 1996 in newcastle upon tyne, england. this cd compiles a bunch of their early recordings, including some of their early 7" singles. highlights include "alinear" and definitely "lemonade" with its chorus of "meow meow meow meow!". spraydog do girl/boy vocals, but honestly, i like the guy's vocals better. but these songs are great, and this cd rocks! too much fun!!!"
-justin, copacetic-zine.com

"it's well-documented that spraydog are a favorite around these parts, so of course, it is with open arms that i welcome this disc, which compiles most (but not all, sadly) of the band's non-album songs, recorded in 1996/1997; the same general time period as their classic debut album, "citrus bitumen". with all six songs from the two ferric mordant 7"s (the "alinear" debut 7" & the "run the lights" ep), the a-side from the orgasm 7" ("melter twine"), a few songs from comps, and a couple of unreleased tracks to boot, this cd contains some of the best spraydog material out there! i'm talking about songs like "alinear", "lemonade", "some sort of corporate attack", "melter twine" and "run the lights" - all total classics. i do wish that this were more complete (the album is missing the two songs from the "starry eyes" 7" and "sweet thing" from a fierce panda comp), but this is great, nonetheless. if you haven't heard the band before (or at least, heard me describing them), they play indie rock, in the style of versus, the swirlies and tse tse fly, with boy/girl vocals and excellent melodies. they're definitely worth checking out, and this or "citrus bitumen" are the best places to start!"
-chris, indiepages.com

"this is a kind of retrospective round-up of spraydog’s earlier recordings, laid down in 96-97’ as far as you tell from sleeve notes that are sparser than their angular sound, still, it’s the noise we signed up for, right? and there are some glorious noises here, "alinear" drives along like the bastard brat of a buzzcock n marco perroni, "some sort of corporate attack" comes over all twee-voiced indie rent-a-rant, but the melody is present n fab and wouldn’t it be grand to hear a full production, post-post-post-modern update on this stuff? listening to some of these tunes is like bumping into old mates who you’re actually pleased to see. If you have any time at all for the highest quality lo-fi, literate punk n melody melds, you’ll grab this one with both ears."

"it is surprising to me, in light of how popular and influential sonic youth is, that more bands don't strive toward something resembling their droning art of sonic orchestration. the clones of bands lauding kim and thurston are many, but those trying to reach that are few. although spraydog's album, "lines are drawn only by the eye", doesn't sound anything like the experimental syr musical perspectives series, it does resemble albums like "washing machine" when the slop and feedback still conformed to the loose structure of "rock songs." i'm not sure if too many people would agree with me (in fact, i can also hear the arguments for dinosaur jr.) but often times, my first impression is best."
-erick, cosmik debris

"spraydog is not your typical english band. hailing from new castle upon tyne, england, you might expect their sound to have a soft, emotional overtone. each song seems to get stronger and stronger, with amazing riffs and irresistibly catchy lyrics. Track 4, “melter twine,” will have you hooked immediately. the ironic beauty of this band is their ability to mix both deep, heavy guitars and beautiful singing, with surprising twists... not often are bands able to pull off a combination of loud alongside quiet and make it not only appealing, but prove it a display of their talents. “us vs. mascis,” track 7, is not only a brilliant song title and a bold proposition, but the song in fact could rival with j mascis’ knack for heavy composition layered with somber singing. spraydog is, without a doubt, a force to be reckoned with, and prove that there is more to them than meets the eye."
- michele, cutthechord.com