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track listing:
1. looked up click to listen
2. bad excuse  click to listen
3. freddy  click to listen
4. threshold person click to listen
5. you can't get it back  click to listen

The Like Young
"Looked Up Plus Four" cdep

released December 2002


"their fuzzy bass tones have incorporated bigger riffs to core indie-pop melodies in the like young -- the end result embraces power pop... the duo harmonizes so well both vocally and instrumentally that it is astounding to think that such a sound could be produced by just two individuals. still the feel is raw and unihibited which allows them to retain their indie-rock cred."
- angelo, in music we trust

"11 minutes of the best pop/rock of the indie variety that i have heard recently. equal parts weezer and dressy bessy, this husband and wife duo manages to out rock bands that have twice as many members. ...with music that is straight to the point and using a minimum of instruments, the like young prove that you donít have to be angry to make music full of meaning. the like young also prove that music with meaning can still be fun."
- beren, delusions of adequacy

"this is some of the catchiest music i've heard in a while, and by that I don't mean it'll be buzzing annoyingly in your head while you're trying to get to sleep. these songs are welcome mental residents. "looked up" starts things off with crunchy, familiar-sounding guitar riffs, judiciously used retro-y synths and sweet boy-girl harmonies, and things just go uphill from there. guitarist/bassist joe ziemba's overdriven garage sneer is tempered by drummer (and wife) amanda aiemba's never-had-a-cigarette-clear singing... the bouncy rhythms and infectious melodies bring to mind archers of loaf or pinkerton-era weezer, but the male/female vocal dueling lends a sparkly sweetness that puts the like young over the top into almost ridiculous poppiness. somehow, though, it never seems saccharine. having played together in various bands since 1997, amanda and joe complement each other's musical talents well."
- sarah, splendid e-zine

"loud guitars with super catchy melodies... i'll definitely (as always) be greatly anticipating hearing more from these kids soon. it's mind-boggling how they're not world famous already!"
- chris, indiepages.com

"wolfie is no more, but their pop rockin' charm lives on in this band. pared down to spouses joe and amanda ziemba, this project likewise strips down the songs to a hooky essence. joe gets a nice slightly dirty but clean guitar sound, while he and amanda master the difficult feat of meshing winsome cute voices... "bad excuse" takes a riff that somehow pixies and guided by voices hadn't used, and gets maximum mileage out of it, alternating post-new wave cool with amanda's wispy interludes. ultra fun."
- mike, fufkin.com

"a perfect summary of what the like young has in common with the ziembas' other bands -- gorgeous melodies and a mix of optimism and insecurity that's simultaneously heartwrenching and uplifting -- while also offering a rougher edge that stems from an obvious affection for the history of rock. ...a stellar mix of raw rock power and attractive melodies, plus lyrics that come straight from their hearts and hit you in yours."
- dave heaton, pop matters

"trust me when i say the onstage shenanigans and led zeppelin-esqe leanings of the white stripes are all fine and dandy on national tv, but if you're looking for a more updated and refined sound from a rock duo, you need look no further than the like young. the married couple of joe and amanda ziemba (both formerly of wolfie) make the noise in this band and they make it damn well. looked up plus four is the ep that weezer might have made if rivers cuomo wasn't so interested in devolving back to his heavy metal ace frehely days... the songs on this ep are extremely short and sweet, loaded with the kind of unmistakably hooky hooks that make power pop - punk the great musical equalizer between dockers - wearin' yuppiesters and the black leather 'n pierced crowd."
- bryan, shmat