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track listing:
1. you are what i love  click to listen
2. cal-neva click to listen
3. peardrops  click to listen
4. aspirin click to listen
5. by the tide click to listen
6. summer's waiting click to listen
7. girls know girls click to listen
8. last paragraph click to listen
9. like me click to listen
10. don't remember click to listen
11. no one's home click to listen
12. free to disagree click to listen
13. urgent  click to listen
14. these fields may take forever to fill click to listen

Spraydog "Mint Hand" cd
released November 2002

Third album (first to be released in the US) from this 5-piece from Newcastle Upon Tyne, England. Beautiful boy/girl vocals covered with plenty of noise and fuzzy guitars. Dinosaur jr meets MBV meets versus. UK version released on Stupid Cat Records.


"spraydog fasten their fuzzed-out brand of guitar-drum-and-bass assault onto razor-sharp hooks... the glowing "summer's waiting", is positively pregnant with quality. the frustrated and melancholic "don't remember" forcefully conveys the amnesiac's lament, while "last paragraph" blasts into hyperspace with its soaring, searing guitars. with it, mint hand hits its summit... spraydog are good enough that they have no reason to give a shit if the terrain's been blazed. once you're wrapped up in their blankets of noise pop, you won't care, either. they make a well-worn sound seem suddenly vital."
justin, splendid e-zine

"spraydog have been one of my very favorite bands for a while now, so of course i've been greatly anticipating this cd. and they don't disappoint in the least... this record is still no less than amazing. in case you haven't heard about them, i'd say "noisy boy/girl pop in the vein of the swirlies or tse tse fly, with a great guitar sound!". i've raved about this band more than a few times to friends and anyone else who would listen, so let's hope that the band gets some more recognition soon!."
chris, indiepages.com

"i so love it when bands have been around for awhile. especially when instead of starting to suck their albums get better and surprisingly better. few bands are able to achieve such levels of continued brilliance. spraydog are a rare treat. their latest offering "mint hand" is dead fucking brilliant. for those that demand comparisons: elements of delgados, sonic youth, my bloody valentine, tse tse fly, meredith and my bloody valentine."
- corey, isollae

"newcastle-upon-tyne's spraydog melds fuzzy guitars with a driving beat in a way that produces memorable guitar pop tunes with a frequency ethereal style, much the same way that dinosaur jr. did on "green mind." this is a bit lighter, though, and the shared male/wispy female vocals help pull it all together so nothing here sounds out of place."
- xtian, shredding paper

"driving, distorted guitars w/ lots of male/female harmonies and songs to make you dance."

"on spraydog's third album this five-piece from england combines boy/girl vocals with plenty of noise and fuzzy guitars in a sound which is reminiscent of the US 90s lo-fi indie rock scene. .. standout tracks include the shambolic but rocking "cal-neva," which sounds like if a lou barlow-era dinosaur jr. formed a supergroup with sonic youth to try and create a two-minute "pop" song."

"the music is raw, the vocals rough in a my bloody valentine/sonic youth kinda way. itís that literal noise your parents donít and wonít understand. itís the thing that makes rock and roll so tantalising to the rebel youth. itís the female/male collaboration that singles spraydog out as worthy successors to the aforementioned noise merchants... all in all, blindingly excellent bi-vocal action from heirs apparent to my bloody valentine."
- zeitgeist