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track listing:
1. bigwheel trickery  click to listen
2. renting a space station click to listen
3. fragile click to listen
4. the day i saved the planet click to listen
5. ixat  click to listen
6. another j in the letter chain click to listen
7. second place finish click to listen
8. my spaceship flies on the rocketship survival course click to listen
9. nice guy comes in last click to listen
10. tickle tragedy click to listen
11. super duper rad  click to listen
12. comfortable silence click to listen
13. touchdown for the visitor's side click to listen

Le PepEs "All Fun Things End" cd
released April 2003

One day a brother and sister of some musical pedigree found two other boys of no relation and lesser pedigree and started a band. The result was le pepEs, and they woo'd audiences and recorded some sonic sounds around the LA area between 1996-1998 before quickly fading away. Not forgotten by anyone who had the pleasure of seeing their live performance, this cd has been compiled nearly 5 years after their breakup in an assertive effort to share with the world the superb sounds that was Le PepEs. With an old fashioned lo-fi sound, these kids deliver tasty, noisy, boy/girl pop songs reminiscent of Guv'ner, Butterglory, and Polvo. Why must all fun things end?


"‘all fun things end’ serves up 13 short, sweet, sharp slabs of three chord discordant lo-fi pop, what this lot may lack in presentation or suffer at the hands of musical limitations they more than certainly make up in ear pricking attentive tuneage. buried beneath the frazzled crude chord changes tiny attrition based prickling punk melodies are dutifully dispersed with boy / girl delivery, its that raw kind of sound that was so prevalent with american indie rock at the time as though recalling polvo in an argument with th’faith healers over redecorating the modern lovers back catalogue in their own unique way but secretly really wanting to be the pixies, le pepes perch themselves on the fence between tweedom and noise nik popsters, at times there’s a shambolic menace to their art as shown on the proto sonic youth howler ‘second place finish’ at others just wired as proven on the awesomely potent razor like gems ‘the day I saved the planet’ and the austere fractured friction wrap of ‘my spaceship flies on the rocketship survival course’. best cut of the collection is the naively skewed marriage of feisty amateurism and wholesome pop carnage on ‘ixat’ and the wilful unruliness exposed on the warped fall-esque ‘comfortable silence’, all in all well deserving of a listen or five but as crooked as a curly path all the same."
-mark barton, losing today

"le pepes hail from the los angeles area, ironically, and broke out when indie rock was in its prime, circa 1996-1998. formed by a brother-sister team who recruited two more fellow musicians, their career was short, but altogether sonically sweet. “all fun things end” is a compilation of these years, wrapped up in a 13-track album of crunchy guitars and jumpy vocals and scowls. the first track, “bigwheel trickery,” is a blend of matt suggs (Butterglory) deep tenor, action patrol screeches, and blatz female vox screams. it incorporates all of these elements into one solid package. the entire album is fast paced, bouncy, and art-rock mastery at its best. you feel like you’re there with them, in the garage rocking out in the corner. .... vocalist jerry zinn’s range of silly nonsensicals, serious dark lyrics, and verging on angry yelps makes everything blend together for a great ride. le pepes combine keyboard, tambourine, and “knickknacks” as they call it to create the ultimate indie experience. another standout track, “renting a space station,” will have you rocking in your cubicle. it incorporates stop-and-go drums, keys, and fluttering from pogo-happy to solemn-stillness and back again, then screeching to a complete stop. le pepes may have had a short run, but they’ve certainly left their mark in the music world."

"the almost little-kid enthusiasm and mistakes give this album its brilliance. the songs are well written, and the brother/sister harmonies are endearing."
-chad, scratch zine

"almost every track on this compilation features muffled vocals and distorted guitars that remain pristine – but not in terms of slick production and shiny mastering techniques. .... this release serves as a testament to those who don't think that the only meaning behind "lo-fi" is utilizing a four-track recording device and being overly melancholic lyrically. the main attraction in all fun things end is the title itself. bands break up and get back together with each passing day, but the ones who will really be remembered are the ones who know when to call it quits. le pepes remain viable because virtually every song here is bursting with wit and quirkiness to the point where this album should not be passed up by anyone who appreciates pavement and sebadoh for those same reasons."
-left of the dial

"if you're willing to wiggle, le pepes will give you a fair shot at worming your way back through the heyday of old fashioned lo-fi rock."

"le pepes broke up six years ago, but just released this record of 13 full-blown indie-pop songs. the songs have boy/girl vocals, plenty of fuzzy guitars and lo-fi noise. sometimes, it sounds like sonic youth or any band from chapel hill."
-punk planet #61

"sounding like a cross between goo-era sonic youth and beat happening, le pepes is at times pleasantly listenable - “renting a space station” - and at other times surprisingly violent (see “fragile”). the 13 songs found on all fun things end were recorded between 1996 and 1998, the group having disbanded officially in 1999. ...if the band had stuck around longer, perhaps it could have gotten focused and made a truly great album (le pepes released several cassettes throughout the short career). even considering le pepes was operating under the lo-fi aesthetic, some of the songs on all fun things end sound like they were never meant to see the light of day. however, when they’re good, they’re really good, and all fun things end highlights a band that held quite a bit of promise."
-beren, adequacy.net

"as the story goes, le pepes were formed, recorded a few songs, had lots of fun, then broke up when one of the members got married. thirteen songs appear to be all they ever committed to tape, and they are collected together on this nice little kittridge CD. although the band's lo-fi indie rock formula is quite unspectacular and typically messy, it has a certain melodic charm that should appeal to the DIY freaks out there."
-matt, indieville.com

"really early 90's indie rock (the 7" variety, not the CD stuff) with crazy girl singing and musical ability that tricks you into thinking its worse than it really is and better than it really is at the same time. it's nice to hear this stuff again and i really dug some of the songs, many seemingly about outer space"

"a retrospective from this late outfit 996-1998, all tracks originally released solely on cassettes. based on this evidence they could sound anything like lo-fi pop to a less pretentious far-younger sonic youth bashing out tunes in a garage somewhere. if not the great lost band they definitely demonstrate enough promise to make one wish they coulda stuck around longer"
-shredding paper

"these guys are a fun mix of indie and rock'n'roll, doing something that i think the strokes wanted to but jst weren't talented enough to pull off. i've enjoyed the offbeat melodies to this music since i first started listening to this cd. the vocals (and some of the musical parts as well) are reminiscent of the violent femmes. this is good stuff"
-nacho cheese & anarchy

"five dollars gives you all the music le pepes ever recorded. the LA-based group existed from 1996 to 1998, and they rocked the garage good. "the day i saved the planet" has frenzied boy-girl vocals from jerry and sister kerri, while "ixat" sounds like the vaselines, or beat happening with a little more pep. all of le pepes' songs burn with at least some wild abandon, but never with all of anything. it's the apparent incompleteness of their music that makes them difficult for fickle listeners to swallow -- a thirty-second clip offers little indication of this band's style or abilities. depending on where the cd player's laser lands, you might hear anything -- even just screeching. like six cents and natalie, they reward you with a few wonderfully structured songs, performed with true energy and manic intensity, then ask you to reward them in return with a bit of good will. you'll have to trust me that the good will is of the earned sort. banging a board-game token against a single guitar chord doesn't produce the loveliest noise. le pepes should have known that -- i'm sure they did -- but it's always good to hear a band that doesn't/didn't give a fuck. these sweet souls loved the early wedding party far more than the new cinerama. they were addicts to their ideas, and to the immediacy behind their presentation. kerri shook from fear on stage, but also from aesthetic; she and Jerry and the group were twee enough to name songs "big wheel trickery" and "super duper rad", but they were also pure terror -- they were terror twee. all the fun things end is a sweet, loud, reckless, go-somewhere record from a go-nowhere band."
-theodore, splendid e-zine