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track listing:
1. i don't know why  click to listen
2. peace of mind  click to listen
3. together click to listen
4. less than a day click to listen
5. every now & then click to listen
6. letters  click to listen

The Summer In Between
self-titled cdep
released January 2000

Pretty boy/girl harmonies atop catchy beats & rhythms with guitar notes dreamy enough to raise the heads of shoegazers. Brings to mind Club 8, The Autocollants, and Kittycraft. Featuring original art by Japanese illustrator Risako Shimai.


"you've heard sunny, winsome boy/girl vocals before, but the summer in between puts a little muscle behind them. chunky drum loops and sinuous shoegazery guitars add some sonic substance to the standard jangle, resulting in a disc with a lot more presence than typical indie-pop fare. the guitars chime, the keyboards drone and the vocals harmonize prettily, but the self-aware cutesiness factor has been trimmed back nicely. in other words, this is a disc you can play for your non-cardigan-wearing friends. you'll be drawn to this one by the artwork -- some striking manga-cum-keane stuff by risako shimai -- but you'll happily stay for the tunes."
- gz, splendid e-zine

"this may just be my new favorite band, although i'm not sure if i'm in love with this ep more for the artwork or the music. but the music is what you care about, so we'll talk about that. the summer in between is brian cunningham and jeanie shim-maruta... together, the two dabble in loops and electronic beats while maintaining a light-hearted, euro-pop sort of feel. it's really lovely stuff, bouncy at the right points but quiet and pretty at others... "every now & then" has the most wonderful melodies, with both singers harmonizing so nicely over a thick but quiet guitar and bass track... but the most original and exciting songs here are the more electronic-sounding tracks. "peace of mind," for example, uses loops and synthesized beats for an incredible soft-pop song. i can't believe how well those kinds of beats work in this type of slower, prettier song... oh, these songs are so good. i love the dichotomy between the quiet and intimate pop sound with the more electronic beats and samples. and the artwork, done by japanese illustrator risako shimai, is just amazing."
- jeff, delusions of adequacy

"...plenty of beats and loops and dreamy guitars, bringing to mind club 8, later orchids, or maybe the autocollants. the two of them often sing together, with his voice is similar to felt, hers like the field mice. this cdep contains 17˝ minutes of pure indiepop bliss!"
- chris, indiepages.com

"i can’t think of a better band name for duo brian cunningham and jeanie shim-maruta, as their music is smart, breezy pop that makes me think of, well, summer. this six-song outing is full of lighthearted and catchy melodies, casio drumbeats and very pleasant boy/girl vocals. fans of quiet, female-led indiepop bands such as the softies are sure to take a liking to this cd, but don’t mistake TSIB for just another cutesy twee band. sincere backing vocals from brian, plus the addition of two songs where he takes the lead (“less than a day” and “letters,” both of which are excellent) help this release stand out from the twee crowd. the album’s opener, “i don’t know why,” is perhaps the standout track here, and is definitely the most catchy, with its “ba da ba” backing vocals and catchy, sing along chorus... this is a great little disc and I look forward to cherishing it all winter."
- kim, idigit

"bubbly keyboards and watery, new wavey guitars combined with a sugar-sweet female voice and a sleepy male voice. it's ba-da-ba pop from southern california, performed by jeanie and brian of origami."
- scott, tweekitten.com

"some bands do reveal their sound in their band´s name and if i hear a name like the summer in between then i´m automatically thinking of summerpop and that´s indeed how man should describe the sound of this lovely duo which is fronted by brian cunningham and jeanie shim-maruta. this single is the debut for this popband (and in their case it´s pop with the real essence of pop) who have released earlier a split-single with test pilot on kittridge records even if it was under the name of origami. sounds a bit japanese, not? hmmm, yup it even is illustrated with japanese artwork from risako shimai who has illustrated before fanzines like "quien?" from our beloved reader madoka! personally their sound reminded me so much of 80´s band the felt even if i only want to say that they´re making splendid lovely guitarpop that really should sound perfect on those elefant-compilations...just a band that has the sun in their sound...or something you really have to play when life´s too heavy."
- didier, the original sin

"dreamy and upbeat anthems... with blips and bleeps overriding keyboards and guitars, the pair are able to create an aura of playfulness and thoughtfulness simultaneously. brian and jeanie share vocal duties. together, they’ve released a promising ep."
-stephen, gutless e-zine