members: Brian Cunningham (vocals, guitar, melodica)
Micah Calabrese
(bass, vocals, guitar)
Sandra Vu
(drums, vocals, keys)
location: Los Angeles, CA
related bands: SISU, Dum Dum Girls, The Tartans, Giant Drag, Midnight Movies
myspace: myspace/thesummerinbetween

The Summer In Between

The Summer In Between started as a lo-fi recording project in in L.A. between friends Brian Cunningham (guitar / vocals) and Jeanie Shim-Maruta (guitar / keys / vocals). The duo blended their singing / songwriting abilities to create dreamy, sunshine-filled bedroom pop. After releasing their first CD EP on Kittridge Records in January 2000, friends Micah Calabrese (bass) and Sandra Vu (drums) were recruited to fill out the live performance.

TSIB made their live debut at Koo's Cafe in Orange County and shortly after founding member Jeanie decided to call it quits. Brian, Micah, and Sandra (the TSIB leftovers), having too much fun to call it quits, continued writing and recording together. Brian Cunningham's creative songwriting and pop sensibility were excelled by the collaboration of his new bandmates. The result has become a unique sound coined by fans as "jangle-gaze", combining influences from many artists from the c86 and shoegaze movement of the 80's and early 90's.

The Summer In Between officially marked their return with "Micah's Red Shirt" a demo track on Kittridge Records "Homemade Hits, vol.1" Compilation. TSIB continues play shows around the greater Southern California area.

KITT-007 The Summer In Between
s/t CDEP
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KITT-020 "Micah's Red Shirt"
from "Homemade Hits" cd compilation
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KITT-002 "Simple & True" from "Crayola Catastrophe" 7" comp
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KITT-000 "Times Like These" from "2004 New Music Sampler" CD comp
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