members: Amanda Ziemba (vocals, drums), Joe Ziemba (vocals, guitars)
location: Chicago, IL
related bands: Beaujolais, Wolfie, Busytoby

The Like Young

We are two people: Amanda and Joe Ziemba. Married in 2002 and playing in bands together since 1997, we were at a standstill after a year of musical confusion. We were tired of taking things so seriously and over analyzing each and every move. We longed for the days when making music just felt good.
With that mindset, we wanted to strip away the fat, express ourselves, and make music that we truly enjoyed -- shedding the obsessive tendencies and embracing the wonderful feeling of heading into the basement together and rocking out.

So that's what we did. The Like Young took shape in Chicago during the spring of 2002. Our debut album, Art Contest, was recorded by the Cocktails' Barry Phipps and released by Parasol Records on May 20th, 2003. After a two week jaunt to the west coast, we decided to leave our day jobs behind and devote our full attention to the band. The remainder of 2003 was spent touring across the entire U.S.

KITT-013 The Like Young
"Looked Up +4" CDEP
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