members: Jerry Zinn, Keri Zinn, Daniel Goldblatt, Fernando Cardenas
location: Los Angeles, CA
related bands: West Of Texas, International Pop Caravan, Pumpkin Picasso

Le PepEs

This Southern California quartet sounds like summer. With the harmonious blend of influences such as Pavement, Guv’ner, Butterglory, Polvo, and Superchunk (just to name a few). Le PepEs glide through your stereo like a soft serve ice cream truck in July. And as soon as you hear one of their songs blaring from that truck, all you want to do is dance. This is your summer. This is your street. These are your friends. They are Fernando, Dan, Jerry and his kid sister Keri, better know as Le PepEs.
It all began at grandma’s house on Merkel Ave. Boredom had set in, so Jerry broke out the 4 track and Keri came along with a notepad in tow. This was the beginning of the recordings for “And the Idiot Wins” album. Jerry rang up his old bandmate Dan to sit in on drums. A few songs were recorded and the band realized they needed a bass player. They invited yet another former bandmate Fernando to add bass to the recordings. After 4 rehearsals they played their first show at a backyard party. Keri shook uncontrollably from nerves, but fortunately the kids were too drunk to notice.
After finishing their first album they played better shows… Then they recorded “Jupiter Moon Menace.” Then they played even better shows… They recorded, Musique Pour Faire Lamour.” Played some of the greatest shows. Then they went into the studio again to record another album. This time around they were better at their instruments and tighter as a band. The songs matured. The recording technique ventured into more experimentation. After 4 or so songs were near completed the 4 track took a dive for the worse and produced the most horrendous screeching. Now Le PepEs could have mixed down the screeching onto a CD-R and marketed it as the next big sound in indie rock, but thank god for the listeners that never happened. Instead Le PepEs called it a day. They leave behind the memories of their energetic live shows, where people were fed birthday cake and given stickers and pencils all bearing the Le PepEs name.

KITT-011 Le PepEs
"All Fun Things End" CD
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KITT-020 "PU You Stink"
from "Homemade Hits" cd compilation
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KITT-000 "Perfect Pop Song"
from "2004 New Music Sampler" CD comp
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