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members: Ryan Wood (guitar, vocals), Lorrie Unruh (vocals), Paul Carlson (drums), Lon Berger (bass)
location: Los Angeles, CA
related bands: SISU, The Pragmatics, Troy Taroy, Midnight Movies

Going Stagg

Never had it crossed lorrie and ryans mind's that through doodling with folky flute and guitar instrumentals that a band would form out of it. Ryan had never heard a serious peep of Lorrie's singing. Only mock singing to whatever was playing on the radio in the next room. after suggesting to write a song they produced copycat in 10 minutes, more or less. After gathering friends paul carlson - drums, lon berger - bass, and ryan owens -guitar. The band was complete.

They began to playing local clubs and produced a demo which got air play on 88.9 KXLU's "Demolisten" program. It was the fine folks at this local college radio station that led them from the corner of their bedroom into the big exciting world of rock and roll music, setting them up with arena sized rock events and introducing them to people who mostly wore fancy ties and stylish glasses. This became too overwhelming for the band and they decided it was already time for a break. Lorrie went to Germany to teach little children and grown ups how to do her trademark dance moves such as "the sprinkler." ryan and lon experimented with mind-expanding computer software and invested into a recording studio which was only known as "Mr.Wood's workshop" where they produced some of the finest 60's soul the world wasn't quite ready for, but will be some day.
This is about the time when Ryan met Doug, who was trying to start a record label at the time and wrote them a kind letter to their P.O. box, asking them for permission to use a song from their demo tape on an upcoming 7" compilation which would later be known as "The sidewalk chalk adventure." Ryan was impressed with doug's sanrio stationary and quickly agreed, but only on the condition that he would be able to re-form the band to re-record the song until he could produce a version that he would be satisfied with. The song came together, and so did the band. Things are almost back to normal now. Ryan owens left and Doug is now the man who rocks the guitar. So prepare for the 2nd invasion of going stagg.

KITT-003 Going Stagg
"Sink and Dream" 7"
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KITT-020 "Breathe"
from "Homemade Hits" cd compilation
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MTR-046 "Rerun"
from "Thru Spray Colored Glasses" 7" comp (import)
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KITT-000 "Loopy"
from "2004 New Music Sampler" CD comp
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