members: Rupert Taylor, Paula Knight, Matty Green, Sean Taplin
location: Bristol, England
related bands: Hewas, The Tall Boy, Boyracer

Girlboy Girl

Girlboy Girl formed in the spring of 1996 in Bristol, England. They first appeared on a compilation CD called "Something Cool" on Cher Doll Records of Seattle in 1997, and in the same year their debut ep appeared on Orgasm Records of Paris, France. The release of a 7 track 12" ep entitled "Véritablement" Pop" on the Blackbean & Placenta label of California gained their first national airplay on the John Peel show. The autumn of that year saw them touring Belgium and Germany with Beatnik Filmstars. In 1999 another ep, "Two Halves", followed on Skycap Records of Münster, Germany, gaining extensive Radio One airplay with John Peel and Steve Lamacq.
Girlboy Girl's debut full length cd "Fresco" was released on Blackbean & Placenta on February 22nd, 2000 and received airplay on the John Peel show, and a tour of the US West Coast to promote this took place that July. For the US tour dates Stewart (of Steward / Boyracer / Empress) kindly agreed to stand in on the drums as Jez left to pursue he's own musical projects (Tomorrow's World, Death By Chocolate).
After recording and touring as Hewas (Girlboy Girl acoustic project) Rupert and Paula returned to the studio to record the 2nd Girlboy Girl full length for Kittridge Records "Climb the Ladder, not the Wall" with a new line-up that included engineer Sean Taplin and founding Boyracer guitarist Matty Green.

Girlboy Girl
"Forget The Ladder, Climb The Wall" CD
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